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Why Custom Embroidered Sweatshirts are Better than Printed Ones

Posted by on May 30, 2015 in Embroidered Sweatshirts |


An individual’s choice of a cloth gets directed by the person’s taste and preference. It’s for this reason you will find that there are those people who will love custom embroidered clothes while others will choose the printed once. With the printed ones, we just have ink run through a piece of fabric while with the embroidered; it’s when a thread gets stitched on the fabric. The same happens to corporate whenever they have to make a choice in case they want to use t-shirts as a promotional tool. So, let’s try to understand why custom embroidered sweatshirts are better than printed ones.

The embroidered sweatshirts are in most cases considered presentable and with a touch of being professional in case they are being used by a corporate. The custom embroidered shirts in most cases will have the company’s logo or slogan. The employee, therefore, won’t feel awkward while in them as compared to printed shirts that might have some funny craft work done on them.

Cupcake-Academy-Embroidereed-Hoodie-353-(3)Having the embroidered shirts is considered to be cost-effective as compared to the printed ones. You just need to embroider either a slogan or a logo somewhere on the already made shirt rather than having to print a whole template when you are to print the shirts. You also have the advantage of customizing them to fit the way you would like them to be without so much hassle than the printed ones. As for the printing, you will have to change the whole template that might be a bit costly.

Nothing is as good as having a sweatshirt you love and feels comfortable in and can go with it wherever you want. With the custom embroidered sweatshirts, you have the freedom to selecting the design you like. You will, therefore, look unique as compared the printed ones where you have no say on what type of cloth you would like. More so, you can design your sweatshirts online to have a quality sweatshirt.

When you choose to have embroidered sweatshirts, the design done on them is more durable than that on the printed ones. Since you have the thread sewn on the piece of fabric, it becomes part of the cloth as compared to the printed one where ink is run over the material to have the design. So, if you want a design that will last, go for the embroidered sweatshirts.

So, if you want to have that nice looking design or logo on your sweatshirt that you want to last and make you unique from the rest of the people, I recommend that you have custom embroidered one.

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